How to Make Your NYC Living Room Look Bigger through a Remodel?

Posted on October 24, 2019

Having to deal with small living spaces is a typical way of life in New York City. Amidst the hustles and bustles of the city, you come home to a small and cozy apartment for your personal retreat. From time to time, you would invite friends and you settle yourselves to a small living area. It’s during these times that you wished to have a larger living room to accommodate your friends when they come for a visit. But considering the usual layouts of multiple dwelling areas in NYC, room extensions are not always possible. The only thing you can do is to make over the living space. However, renovating a room in NYC can be very tasking and costly. The only way you can pull through an easy and budget-friendly NYC remodel is by making over your living space on your own. Sounds difficult? Here are a few tips on how to make your living area bigger through a practical remodel:

  1. Let as much natural light in – One of the easiest things you can do to make your NYC living room bigger is my letting as much light in. Lose all the fancy curtains. These bulky fabrics with all the big prints on them will only make your living area smaller. Replace them with minimalist blinds that you can easily roll up during the day. Remember that the darker the room is, the less space becomes visible to the eye making it look like much smaller than it actually is. Aside from blinds, you may also opt for white, see-through curtains that should be hung from the top frame of the windows, down to the floor. The length of these curtains will also add some illusion of height, making your ceiling look higher.
  2. No bright and dark colors – To complement the lighting of the room, avoid painting your living room – and all the other rooms of your apartment for that matter – with bright or dark shades. Painting the wall with dark and sharp shades concentrates the attention of people on the wall, hence making the lack of space more obvious. Paint your walls with white paint or light, neutral shades to make it brighter to the eye. This will make the room look more breezy, therefore giving it a wider illusion.
  3. Go for minimalist furniture – Lastly, replace that bulky sofa. No matter how comfy it feels to allow yourself to fall asleep on that couch while watching TV, you have a bedroom to do that. Your living room should function differently, so replace that sofa, and all other bulky fixture with minimalist furniture. This will complete the bigger space illusion created by the natural lighting and light walls. Remember that when talking about furniture for small spaces, less is more.

Doing an NYC remodel can really be very tasking and expensive. However, through these tips, you can easily makeover your living room and wow your friends at how wide it will look after the remodel. Do not be intimated by the thought of remodeling. Just keep these tips in mind and start working on the remodeling process one step at a time.

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