Painting Tips for Apartment Makeovers: How Wall Paint Affects Your Child’s Behavior

Posted on December 5, 2018

There are many factors affecting children’s behavior. There are emotional, psychological, physical and environmental factors. Even at home, there are many things that affect your children’s behavior and outlook, such as the wall colors in their bedrooms. Time and again, we hear psychologists talk about how color affects mood and disposition. This becomes a crucial consideration when doing an apartment remodel as we also need to consider how the makeover will affect the kids’ behavior. You would not want to paint their rooms a color that will constantly make them want to be aggressive, would you? So if are thinking of repainting your child’s bedroom a different color for that next makeover, here are some ideas you might want to consider:

  1. Orange – Apparently, this color is not a popular favorite among parents. One of the reasons is perhaps because a similar tone, yellow, achieves the effect most parents look for, which is the brightness of the sun. However, the good thing about the color orange is that it encourages extroversion, independence and confidence among children. Painting their walls orange will apparently make them more social and will help them be more comfortable communicating and collaborating with other children.
  2. Red – Red is a popular color preference both among adults and children. However, while it can be an interesting color to play around with, do you know what moods it stimulates among your children? Apparently, this color can increase your child’s breathing and heart rate thus making him or her more active. Also, it makes children more exciting mentally and physically. Hence, painting the children’s study room red can be a good idea, but definitely not for their bedroom.
  3. Blue – Blue is another popular option for a bedroom color. However, while blue proves to encourage productivity among adults, it was actually found to have a calming and soothing effect among children. This is important to note as a blue bedroom can actually help address your child’s tantrum, anxiety or hyperactivity issues.

Considering the color of your children’s bedrooms is a crucial considering when doing an apartment remodel not only for aesthetic purposes but for the behavioral effects they have on your kids. Make sure to paint your kids’ rooms the right color next time as it pays to ensure that we can prevent negative behavior and disposition among our kids even at least through the colors of their bedrooms.

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