Personalize Your Kitchen Remodeling

Posted on February 12, 2019

A recurring problem with several kitchen remodeling projects is that the end goals of most people have a tendency to look more like a kitchen showroom rather than a homey kitchen.  It works for some homes and some people like it, but a lot of times, adding some color or a bold statement reflecting your tastes may be better for your kitchen remodeling.  Kitchen showrooms have a generic feel to them but this is done on purpose so as to please a higher number of people by sticking with a tried and true formula. For your kitchen remodeling though, it might be better to incorporate more of yourself in it.

  • Mix & match

Start out by picking a kitchen design you like and improve certain parts of it to reflect more of your personal taste. Don’t limit yourself to certain colors, styles, or even eras – but do try to find a certain theme or idea that holds everything together.

  • Geometry

Does your kitchen feel lackluster or dull? It could be caused by the lines all around it. Pay attention to all your surfaces: your counters, tables, appliances, etc. – do they all happen to have right angles or are they all in round smooth curves? Whichever the case, try accentuating it with the opposite style; if you have a breakfast bar with smooth curved edges, place stools with straight angles and straightforward designs. Is the kitchen island square shaped? Use a round light to balance it out.

  • Accents

Changing small aspects of your kitchen can lead to big results. Change cabinet knobs and pulls to something more suiting to your tastes. Try new modern designs to show the contrast off of traditional cabinets and vice versa if it looks like it could work. The best thing about these small changes in your kitchen remodeling is that it will not cost much and still have an effect on the overall atmosphere.

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