Personalized NYC Kitchen Renovation

Posted on November 3, 2018

Many kitchens in New York tend to be plain and generic, not having very distinctive features that make it particularly comfortable or visually striking. The cabinets all tend to be the painted in the same color and finish; the appliances all seem monotonous and out of place; the color of the wall does nothing to complement the countertops or the kitchen; and the entire set-up is matched with a plain, dull dining area. Consider the following tips if you plan to take action and are getting a NYC kitchen renovation consultant.

Learn to mix and match

Keep in mind that you never have to restrict yourself to a single style, color, or theme. You can always experiment with different things to come up with a unique and personalized design. Do some research and check out some kitchens online to help get you inspired or consult an kitchen design expert for some quick ideas and easy help.

Check for symmetrical patterns

If you think your kitchen feels a bit dull and dragging it might have something to do with the shapes and contours around the area. Examine the areas and appliances around your kitchen, is everything shaped at a right angle or are they predominantly curves? If your breakfast nook is rectangular then try pairing it with round stools; try placing a round vase as an accent in your square table to give a bit of contrast.

Emphasize cabinets

If you kitchen is large, consider giving the upper cabinets a different look from the lower ones effectively making them stand out. This works well if you don’t want your cabinets to blend in too well and sink into the background.

Simple accents

A cheap way to improve your kitchen without going through an extensive NYC kitchen renovation project would be to simply place some accents here and there. Small things like changing the knobs or handles on the cabinets and drawers can have noticeable effects and can give you kitchen a fresher feel.

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