Make the Pets Feel More at Home With These Efficient Ideas for Pet Washing Stations

Posted on December 19, 2018

Having pets, much like having children, means a lot of responsibility. Pets are living beings we always need to look after, and we always need to make sure they are well nourished and in good health. And much like children, pets can pretty much wreck the house during play or whenever they want to get messy as well. For such reason, some apartment remodels are being planned to also address these issues. As we all know, pets require quite a bit of attention and care. When it comes to washing, for example, giving pets a bath can be really tasking and messy. Hence for some people, it is more practical to make some adjustments to the house just to make this activity more comfortable for the pets and more orderly for the house. So to help you give your pets a better and more efficient washing stations, here are a few tips:

  1. Combine the mudroom and washing station – We all know what the mudroom is for, and it is only logical to combine the mudroom and the pets’ washing station so they would not have to go inside the house before you could wash their messy paws. Dedicating a space for pet washing is a practical solution instead of washing them in your own bathroom. The pets have different needs in terms of hygiene and grooming, hence it will be easier for you to have a separate place like this where it is impossible to mistake your own shampoo and soap for your dogs’.
  2. Be sure to leave some room for the big shake – Especially when dealing with big, furry dogs, you just have to expert a big, wet shake after every bath. And for homeowners who tend to have an obsessive compulsive attitude about the house’s cleanliness, these shakes can also be very annoying. So since we all love our pets regardless how difficult it is to bathe them every time, include a wash area makeover in your next apartment remodel . Make sure that there is enough room for your big pets to move around and shake off the water.
  3. Opt for elevated washing stations for smaller pets – Smaller pets like smaller dog breeds and cats will be difficult to bathe on the floor. So make bath time comfortable for both you and your little rascal by going for an elevated washing area. This will look like a sink with a deeper basin.

Bathing the pets can be a stressful activity for both the animal and the pet owner, especially when the latter has to struggle bathing his or her pet in the sink of in the tub of his or her own bathroom. Pets have a particular set of needs in terms of nourishment, health, training and grooming, and giving them a more comfortable and efficient washing area is just a part of being a responsible pet owner.

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