Picking a Stove for your Kitchen

Posted on December 6, 2018

A kitchen is primarily a place for cooking. Taking that into consideration, your kitchen stove is arguably the single most important item in your kitchen. Without a stove, you won’t be able to prepare any meals and your kitchen will end up as an oversized pantry. However, modern stoves come in many different shapes and sizes. Different models will also have different feature sets and one model may be perfect for one use while being wholly inadequate for other uses. If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling in the near future, you will have to pay close attention to choosing the right stove.

Types of Stoves

Drop-in Stoves

Drop-in stoves are installed directly onto a countertop in a similar fashion as kitchen sinks. They are very similar to slide-in stoves. However, drop-in stoves may require some modifications to your countertops.

Slide-in Stoves

If you prefer a polished and streamlined look for your kitchen, then slide-in stoves are perfect for you. Unlike a freestanding stove, a slide-in stove does not come with a backsplash. However, its seamless appearance makes it an attractive option for homeowners who prefer a modern looking kitchen.

Freestanding Stoves

Freestanding stove are the most common type of stove available in the market. They come with backsplashes and can easily be installed in a space or nook between your countertops. If you want a stove that is easy to install during a kitchen remodeling project, then freestanding stoves are your best option.

When it comes to choosing a stove for your kitchen, keep in mind that form should always follow function. Take your personal needs and preferences into consideration when shopping for the perfect stove to finish up your kitchen remodeling project.

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