Planning Your Bathroom Lighting

Posted on February 12, 2019

If you are the type of person who needs nothing more from your bathroom lighting than illumination for shaving or brushing your teeth, you can probably safely skip this article. If you need a lot more from your lighting however, it might be a good idea to consider these tips. Your lighting can determine how much more efficient and enjoyable your use of your bathroom is, so it is definitely worth the time and effort to do it right.

The first thing you should do is to assess your bathroom’s size. Those with smaller bathrooms should be able to make do with a single overhead fixture, but larger bathrooms will require more lights over the sink and perhaps even in the darker corners. You may also need a single overhead on the bath area.

Figure out where in the bathroom lighting is most important. Adults typically need the most light over the sink where they do all their grooming, but parents will probably need sufficient lighting in the bath as well.

If you get natural light in your bathroom…use it. Not only will this save you some money on electricity costs; it will also provide you with light that is more flattering to your skin. You might even want to consider installing a skylight which will give you all the benefits of natural light without too much added expenditure.

Consider your lighting options for the nighttime, and not just in the bathroom. You should also make sure that you have adequate lighting in the hallway, which will help you find your way when you have to go to the bathroom at night.

Finally, consider installing some recessed bathroom lighting fixtures. These options aren’t usually very expensive, and the results can be pretty impressive. They also take up much less space, which might be a factor for smaller bathrooms.

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