Practical NYC Bathroom Remodeling Applications

Posted on April 30, 2019

The most difficult to use bathrooms are those that have the most users. It would be relevant to your interests to focus your NYC bathroom remodeling plans on ensuring efficiency in your bathroom to make it comfortable for everybody using it. Listed below are a few things you might want to include in your NYC bathroom renovation.

  • Use open cabinets attached to your walls for quick and easy access to lotions, perfumes, moisturizers, etc.
  • Save a space in your bathroom for clothes hampers to keep clothes and used towels out of sight so that clutter is lessened.
  • Rather than choosing a pedestal sink, pick a sink that will have storage space beneath it to keep toiletries or cleaning materials.
  • A small table close to the bathtub can be a convenient place for bubble baths, scented candles, or even reading material.
  • If you have plenty of things within your bathroom, floor to ceiling cabinets might just be what your bathroom needs.
  • Install dividers within drawers to segregate everybody’s things. This makes it easier to find your own things and you won’t have to dig around drawers. Using many small boxes can work well too.
  • Try installing shower caddies within shower enclosures for soaps shampoos, conditioners, etc. you can have a shelf for each person using the bathroom.

The main things to remember is to keep your bathroom free from clutter and to make sure it is easy to use. Personal hygiene products should always have their own distinct place and not be mixed up with everybody else’s things.

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