Practical Tips on How to Create an Industrial Look for Your Apartment

Posted on December 10, 2018

Nothing feels better that going home to a cozy house. However, although a lot of people nowadays still prefer the customary coziness of traditional home design, there is just something interesting about modern, industrial designs. Industrial designs, unlike traditional interiors are more minimalist and uncluttered. Industrial designs are usually easier to maintain as there is less clutter to deal with, and materials are usually easier to handle; thus making it a practical option for people who want a modern, compact design that is easy to manage. So, if you are planning an industrial apartment remodel soon, here are some ideas you can consider:

  1. Choose a black, white and gray palette – Industrial design is all about the looks and color of metallic materials. Painting your walls some dark or gray tones is perhaps the easiest way to start achieving an industrial design for your home. Bring in furniture and décor that matches this palette, and add in some worn wood to perfect that industrial appeal.
  2. Survey flea markets and thrift stores for metal chairs and accent pieces – As what the first tip previously said, industrial design is all about metals. Sometimes, a traditional home instantly gets an industrial makeover by bringing in some metallic furniture and décor. When planning an industrial apartment remodel, think about function and aesthetic at the same time. With this being said, choose metallic furniture that will actually be functional around the house, such as metallic dining chairs. The good thing about industrial furniture is that they are often inexpensive and can be easily found in thrift stores and garage sales.
  3. Shop for navy-themed accent pieces and décor – Industrial design has always been associated to the army and navy. This is why most industrial homes also have the American flag hung in one of its walls. Hence, to complete an industrial appeal to your home, hang an army or navy-inspired painting in your living room, or incorporate army or navy-themed items around the house.

The thing about industrial design is that it is easy and practical to manage. While a cozy apartment is always a great place to come home to, sometimes, people also need the practicality and convenience of industrial design. So, if you are looking forward to an industrial makeover for your house soon, these are great starter tips to keep in mind.

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