Project Management Tips for Self-Build Home Renovation Projects

Posted on September 6, 2019

Renovating an apartment was never a simple task to take on. An apartment renovation is a complex and tasking undertaking on many different levels. A homeowner has to be knowledgeable of the functional requirements as well as design schemes and principles that will need to be applied to the remodeling plan. An apartment renovation in a high-end community like New York City can become more complex and challenging considering the higher property tax rates and more expensive materials and labor costs. Moreover, a renovation will certainly be more difficult if it will be done as a self-build project. A lot of homeowners in NYC are trying this option out due to financial constraints. In most cases however, the project turns out to be harder to accomplish. Hence, to help you out in case you are planning on a self-build NYC renovation soon, here are a few project management tips you have to keep in mind:

  1. Project management requires a specific set of skills – Project management is not as simple as overseeing the renovation project. Especially when you are on a self-build system, you need to make sure you understand the appropriate time allotment for the job. You need to be on site for most days and should be available every time something comes up. Overseeing a construction also required knowledge of the functional aspects such as plumbing, roofing, and electrical among many others. If you are nonetheless earning extra money to pay for additional work force, you might as well consider hiring designers to assist you with the entire process.
  2. Create a system that works for your pace and operational objectives – The main point of project management is ensuring everything will be done right. Set specific objectives per week and monitor your progress regularly. Oversee installation of fixtures and the installation of vital home utilities such as plumbing and electrical. Know your pace and schedule each step of the building process according to what your resources can cover.
  3. Consider additional expert(s) on board – Especially when working on an unusual or high-technical design, you should consider adding in an expert designer to help you execute your building plan. This will help a lot as experts know exactly what kind of materials go with the specifications you are after. Moreover, it helps to ensure you have back up in case you come across technical issues on site.

Renovating is a difficult process whether or not you do it on a self-build system. While self-building allows you to oversee the entire process with complete involvement, it can be too much of an obligation for one man to actually supervise. Know your strengths and your resources and never underestimate the complexity of your project. Keep these insights in mind and think through your next renovation as carefully as you can.

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