How to Remodel your Apartment to Make it a more Hospitable Place for Guests

Posted on December 3, 2018

Staying the night over family or friend’s house is always memorable for only two possible reasons: either your host really did a wonderful job accommodating you, or the entire experience was not a good one at all to remember. There are many things that make a sleep over a bad experience. First of all, if an apartment is not that spacious, there may not be enough lounging or dedicated sleeping spaces for guests. While having your guest sleep over a couch is still hospitable, it may not be as comfortable as you would want your guests to be. Also, that cluttered living room may not really help create a good first impression. So if you think you need help on how to make your house a more hospitable place for guests, here are a few remodeling tips you can consider:

  1. Make that entry speak of the warmest welcome – Before working on the guest bedroom or adding in extra beddings in the living room, you need to make sure your guests will feel welcomed the moment they step into the house. Work on the lighting fixtures in the entry, and add in welcoming features such as cute front door rugs, greeneries and flowers. It pays to make this corner of the house beautiful as this is the first thing your guests will see. Give them an idea what kind of home you have for them. That impression has got to be good!
  2. Be sure to address issues in the bathrooms – One of the things that make a sleepover unpleasant for guests is a difficult bathroom. Of course it will help to brief your guests about the quirks of your apartment, but do know that they will always remember it. Every quirk you find as normal maybe unacceptable for your guests. So when remodeling, always consider making your guests comfortable by making your bathroom a more pleasant room to be in.
  3. Add sufficient storage space for the guest room – When you have guests, it is important to let them have everything they need in their room so they do not have to go around and ask you where to get and put things. This means having sufficient storage space in the guest bedroom where you can put guest essentials and where they can put their own things. Just think about how you like a hotel room prepared. You would not want a room without enough room for your essentials, right?

Having a great home reflects a lot on how good you are as a host. If you constantly have friends and family stay over, it pays to do remodeling projects once in a while to make your home homey for your guests too. Keep these tips in mind and make your home a memorable place for all the good reasons. Being a great host

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