Remodeling a Bathroom for Elderly or Injured Individuals

Posted on November 8, 2018

Remodeling a bathroom for able-bodied individuals is an easy task. You can simply visit a bathroom showroom to get ideas and you can get started on the remodeling process. When remodeling a bathroom for elderly or injured individuals however, the process might be a bit more complicated.

In terms of aesthetics, you can still refer to your favorite bathroom showroom for ideas. However, you will need to add a few safety features to make a bathroom easier to use for the elderly and the injured. Here are a few pointer you can follow.


If you live with people who need to use devices to help them move around, you will need wider doorways. This is to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs that may not fit in a standard sized doorway. In addition to wider doorways, your doors should also swing outwards. This is to keep people from getting trapped inside a bathroom in case they fall off their wheelchairs. Aside from the doorway, the bathroom itself should also be large enough to accommodate wheelchairs.

Keep Things Open

When adding a shower to a bathroom, do not bother with shower enclosures or doors. This will make it easier for injured or elderly individuals to get in and out of the shower. If privacy is an issue, you can use a shower curtain instead. However, make sure that your shower curtain is mounted on a sturdy rail or rod. You can also add hand rails to your shower area so that people using the shower will have something to support themselves while taking a bath.

Add Extra Lighting

Given that elderly or injured individuals will be using your bathroom, make sure that the area is well lit. There should be no dark spots in the room so that people who have difficulty seeing will not be hindered by the lack of light.

These are just a few practical tips on how to remodel a bathroom for elderly and injured individuals. For more great ideas on how to renovate your bathroom, visit a reputable bathroom showroom today.

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