Remodeling a Bathroom for Kids

Posted on October 27, 2019

Convincing a child to take a bath can be difficult for some parents. This is not surprising since many kids see cleaning up as a chore. However, there are many ways of making this activity more enjoyable for kids. Remodeling a bathroom to make it more appealing is a great way of getting your kids to enjoy bathing. If done right, your kids might actually start begging you to let them use the bathroom. There are many great ideas you can use when renovating a children’s bathroom. If you are having some difficulties getting started, a quick visit to a good bathroom showroom might give you some inspiration on how to proceed. Here are a few good ideas you can use.


Preplanning is essential to the success of any home remodeling project. When renovating a bathroom for kids, you should keep their interests in mind. Are you remodeling a bathroom for a boy, a girl of both? What are your children’s interests such as their favorite cartoons or hobbies? Answering these questions might give you an idea on how to design your children’s bathroom. Incorporate their favorite colors and other interests into the overall design of your bathroom. This way, it will actually look and feel like a children’s bathroom.

Safety first

Given that children may be using the bathroom unsupervised at times, it is important to add a few safety measures. Include non-slip mats in the tub as well as the shower area. You should also cover up electrical outlets with childproof covers.

Add Kid Friendly Accessories

If you can find a well-stocked bathroom showroom, try to find fixtures that are colorful and seem appealing to kids. You could also add a few cartoon wall decals here and there to make the room look like a fun place to be in.

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