What You Should Know Before Remodeling a Bathroom

Posted on August 23, 2019

The bathroom, though a crucial aspect of every house, is often taken for granted in terms of space allocation during construction. Homeowners do not usually realize how important bathroom space is, which makes them spend quite a bit on remodeling later on. In highly industrialized cities like New York for example, living spaces are very limited and are usually very costly. People in these areas need to be resourceful and more efficient in planning in order to make the most of their small spaces. Bathroom remodeling projects can get very challenging in these areas. So in order to help you get some ideas before you push through your bathroom remodeling plan, here are some things you need to know before you renovate your bathroom:

  • Determine whether you will go for easy-clean or anti-slip tiles – Tiling work is one of the most difficult processes when building or remodeling a bathroom. Before you install tiles, make sure that you have carefully determined whether you need easy-clean or anti-slip tiles. If you are after tiles that are easy to maintain, go for glazed or porcelain tiles. Avoid tiles that have rough surfaces as these easily get stained. However, if you are after non-slip surfaces, go for textured tiles or those with sand glazing or matte finishing. You need to make sure of this before you start remodeling as it will be a serious hassle if you will only have to replace it later on.
  • Know how much room a half bath requires – When living in cities like New York, where living tends to be rather compact, a homeowner needs to know how to make the most of a small space. When remodeling your bathroom, know how much space a half bath – at the least – requires. Know whether it is possible to fit at least a half tub and a shower within the allocated bathroom space. Make sure however, that you are following the state building codes in building bathrooms. When faced with challenge of a limited space, you have to consider both functionality and comfort.
  • Identify possible plumbing issues – Before you remodel your bathroom, make sure that you have identified possible issues in plumbing and have planned solutions ahead. Anticipating problems like this will save you from spending more on repairs later on.

Remodeling a shower requires efficient planning much like building a bathroom from scratch. A homeowner needs to identify issues that may result from the renovations, as well as future plans that may affect the design and structure of the bathroom. Taking note of these things is a good way to kick-start that bathroom renovation project.

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