Remodeling as a Couple: How to Deal With Clashing Preferences in Interior Design

Posted on December 12, 2018

Doing an apartment remodel can be a really tough endeavor to handle. Considering  all the expenses and all the factors you need to think of, it can really be challenging to pull off a home makeover on one’s own. Having another person to help you through this process sure will sure help a lot; like if you are in a couple. It will sure help to have someone to consult with and share the burden of the work and expenses with. Sometimes however, this can make things harder due to the inevitable clashes in design preferences.  Have you ever tried remodeling your house with your significant other? How many times have you argued about what items go where and about what colors to paint the walls? Did you give the decorator a hard time as you two suggested conflicting design tastes? These are only a few of the common arguments when remodeling with a partner. So to help ease things out a little bit when remodeling with a loved one, here are few tips you need to keep in mind:

  1. Try to make small changes first – Change is often difficult, and when your significant other finds it hard to let go of that penguin plushy collection, is maybe because he or she is afraid of change. Whenever one of you feels like something needs to go and the other refuses, consider this possibility. If your decorator agrees that something needs to go, try to compromise and agree on small changes first, because let us face it, it is always hard to let go of things with sentimental value. Try to help yourselves by embracing change one step at a time.
  2. Your design preference is not the ultimate truth – When arguing over what design looks good on a room, always remember that your design preference is not always the better option. You may have this confidence about your preferences, but at this point, you also need to respect your partner’s opinion. There is practically no right or wrong opinion when it comes to doing an apartment remodel with your significant other, because at the end of the day, when both of your design preferences are considered, you will both be happy living in that home. Hence, do not put your design tastes over your partner’s just because you want to see more of your interests in the house. Remember that it is your partner’s home too. Consider what will make him or her more at home in there.
  3. If you cannot agree on a deciding factor, remember that functionality is always the bottom line – For most couples, agreeing on something becomes easier when they set criteria or deciding factors like which design will be approved by their friends or their designer, which design is more permanent, or which design will be less expensive. Sometimes however, agreeing to these criteria can also result to arguments; so, if you find it difficult to agree on a deciding factor, keep in mind that functionality will always matter above everything. All your friends may approve of this particular design, but will it be functional for both of you in the long run? This refrigerator may be cheaper than the other, but will it last? If you prioritize the functionality of an item, regardless of which design preference it falls under, you can be assured that such item will serve you well anyway.

Remodeling with a significant other should never put a strain on your relationship. This should be a something worth remembering for the two of you in the years to come. Hence, keep these tips in mind and make your next remodeling project with your partner a more harmonious one.

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