Remodeling Projects from Scratch: How to Create a Modern and Spacious Bathroom

Posted on November 18, 2018

Starting from scratch can either be difficult or easy depending on the project you take on. When doing a bathroom remodel for example, this can be easier as you get to makeover and correct all interior design issue from the bottom up. However, in some ways, there can still be a challenge especially when a homeowner is uncertain of the direction he or she wants to follow for the remodel. The most common issue among bathrooms is space limitation. When doing a bathroom remodel to address this issue, the things you need to remember are minimalism, functionality and good style. Minimalism will address your space limitations, while keeping functionality in mind will help you maximize every square foot of space you have to make them useable. And speaking of remodels, you will of course need to be stylish one way or another. So to help you pull through that bathroom renovation from scratch, here are a few expert tips:

  1. Emphasize the most beautiful materials in the bathroom – Much as in any other room in the house, you need to give special emphasis for the characteristic elements in the bathroom. May it be your vanity, your zen-inspired accents, or your state-of-the-art shower, always put these distinctive elements forward in order to make a good impression. Besides, who would not want a bathroom that is not only functional, but is also very interesting, right?
  2. Invest on huge, borderless mirrors for the vanity or for an accent wall – Remember what designers always say about mirrors? Yes, they create an impression of additional space. Hence, if you are remodeling to address your bathroom’s space issues, use these huge mirrors to not only help improve the lighting in the room, but to also give the room depth and perspective.
  3. Use clear glass for the shower area for a continuous effect – Remember not to have dividers and curtains in your new bathroom. These dividers only limit the space you move around in. Using clear glass materials for the shower not only gives it a modern look, but also creates a spacious, unbroken effect that will enhance the illusion of space.

Regardless if you are starting from scratch or not, a successful remodel depends on doing things right. Hence, it helps that we get tips like these from experts from time to time. So if you have an upcoming bathroom remodel, keep these space-efficient remodeling tips in mind for a good start.

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