Remodeling Rules That You Can Break

Posted on November 19, 2018

There are rules for everything. Rules make things more organized and orderly; however, rules can also limit great things like people’s sense of creativity and inventiveness. When it comes to interior design, there are also rules to follow. These rules are usually from previous design mishaps from which current designers learned. When doing an apartment renovation for example, an expert renovator will brief you on the common do’s and don’ts. However, are these guidelines set in stone? When a renovator said you cannot color your living room a particular color, should you really comply? Truthfully, the validity of these rules depend from one person to another, which means there are actually some of these rules that you can actually violate. Here are some examples of those rules your designer may get too opinionated about:

  1. Focal points and dead centers – You know that rule saying placing any subject at the center of an image makes a boring photograph? Photographers call this the dead center. This rule also apply in interior design – well, in some projects. The truth is, finding a focal point and working around on it is much easier that setting the tone of the room from any other corner. When you set the look of the living room for example, it is always easier to focus on one fixture, say the couch, and then build the rest of the room around it. This also helps in emphasizing a very important accent piece, like an antique fire place.
  2. Repetition – Time and again, designers would tell you that repetition is boring. While it is true on some extent, when played well, repetition actually brings out a more cohesive and consistent theme for a room. What could be wrong with having the same pillows on matching chairs, right? Aside from giving the room an easily identifiable theme, it also creates a sense of balance. And because of this balance, everything will look easy on the eye.
  3. Extreme mix and match – In some cases, experts will also find inventiveness risky. Sometimes, they will tell you to avoid extreme mixing and matching and stay true to the classic theme of the house. However, what you would want to do is to give your apartment some character. And an interesting character will only be possible if you go out of the box sometimes.

Apartment renovations are costly. This is one reason renovators choose to abide by rules sometimes – they do not want to make costly mistakes. However, sometimes it is okay to stick to your gut feel and just go for what you feel like is better for the home. Besides, there is nothing like following your instincts and being right about it.

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