Remodeling Tricks on How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Work

Posted on December 6, 2018

The bathroom is the most used part of the house aside from, of course, from the kitchen. While bathrooms are supposed to be built for the purpose of comfort and relief, some bathrooms simply could not keep up to their purpose due to that lack of sufficient floor area. Apartment dwellers are used to this issue. Sometimes, no matter how functional and comfortable a homeowner wants to make his or her bathroom, things just do not work because of the lack of space. However, through smart remodeling tricks and strategies, making your tiny bathroom work can actually be possible. Read on to learn how you can make this possible:

  1. Try a corner sink – A sink is a necessity in every bathroom. Most of the time however, the sink easily makes the room feel tight because of the space the counter and the drawer below it consumes. You can address this issue through a smart bathroom remodel, by installing a corner sink instead. This may even work better for your as it can be as close to the toilet as you want to, without taking up much of that space. Also, you do not need much counter space for a sink to work, you just need sufficient space to hold the faucets and then perhaps a bottle of perfume and a small vase of flowers.
  2. Go for a floating vanity – If you think the corner sink is not much your thing, you can opt for a floating vanity instead. The difference between a normal and a floating vanity is that it gives off the illusion of having a wider floor space since the area below the counter is visible. Remember that when working with a small apartment, sometime all you need to an illusion of space.
  3. Expand mirrors – You know what they say about mirrors: it gives an illusion of expanded space. This is true. And the mirror trick will never get you wrong when working with small spaces. But aside from providing you with the illusion of space, mirrors are actually a necessity for the bathroom. This is a good trick to try as it will not only improve your bathroom aesthetically, but it will also make it more functional through big, beautiful mirrors.

When doing a bathroom remodel, it is very important to focus on making functional despite the space limitations. Do not be discouraged to remodel just because you have a small bathroom. In fact, you need to tweak that space a little bit so in can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing no matter how small it is.

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