Repainting Your Apartment? Know the Colors that Work Best for Small Spaces

Posted on October 28, 2019

Colors are very important in every home. Artsy or not, people always love a room that is well painted. As a matter of fact, psychologists have long proven that wall colors actually have effect to people’s behavior and disposition for a particular period of time. That means, your decision on what color to pain your wall can actually affect how you feel! Amazing, is it not? This makes painting works more crucial nowadays as compared to the days when we just pick whatever feels right. But aside from the psychological factor in color choice, another important consideration in choosing a paint color for a room is the size of the area. This is a very popular concern among homeowners in New York City. As we all know, NYC is known for small and quirky apartments. Hence, homeowners always need to consider their floor area when doing an NYC renovation. So if you are thinking of repainting the dull walls of your small NYC apartment, here are a few tips to help you pick the colors that work best for small spaces:

  1. Deep blue – A lot of designers have told, time and again, that dark and popping shades do not work for small spaces. This has long been disproven. As a matter of fact, deep blue tones, when coordinated properly with the furniture, carpet and curtain color, will actually create an boundless effect to the room; something that will actually make you feel like you are under the sea, which is a good thing when you are living in a small apartment, as it exudes the illusion of depth.
  2. White –  Painting your wall white will never do you wrong. For one, it goes well with any other color. You can go as nuts as you want with the color of your furniture and accent pieces, and still complement our wall color. Moreover, white paint reflects light all over the room. This will make your bright much brighter, hence creating a wider and more spacious illusion.
  3. Taupe or neutral nude shades – Neutral colors is almost the same as painting your wall white. The only difference is obviously getting a tinge of additional character. This works well with small spaces as it makes the entire room lighter. Plus, beige tones are also known to depict a sense stability, comfort and belongingness; making it a suitable color choice for any home, spacious or not.

Space is always a crucial consideration when doing an NYC renovation. Hence, all decisions need to contribute to the overall objective of creating an illusion of extended space. Even your decision when it comes to wall color will affect how big or small your apartment will look like. So keep these tips in mind and make sure your color choice will work well with your small apartment space.

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