Setting the Direction for a Living Room Remodel: Identifying the Right Objectives

Posted on October 29, 2019

Doing a renovation sure is fun. You get to buy new designer accent pieces for the house, you get to paint the walls with new colors, and you get to enjoy a brand new look for the house after all the construction is done. However, while a NYC renovation sure is exciting, it is also a lot of work; not just that, a lot of expenses too. People living in New York City know how it is to do renovation projects in very challenging settings. Given the usually small areas of apartments there, doing an NYC renovation is usually as complicated as renovating a full-size suburban town house. But the challenge in doing a renovation is often due the lack of clear direction on how the renovation should go. Sure homeowners what an improved and more pleasant look for the house, but is that enough to pull through a well executed renovation? How do you really set a reasonable objective for a renovation project? How do you know what your house really needs? Let us begin with the room that is most usually being renovated – the living room. Here are tips on how to identify the right objectives before doing a living room remodel:

  1. Renovating for space – When talking about an NYC renovation, we are most likely dealing with a small space. Find out whether you need to renovate to address the small living room space. If this is the case, you need to incorporate elements and designs that will create an illusion of space and height. When renovating for space, we are talking about light and neutral wall colors because you will want as much light to bounce through the wall as possible. Also, you need to incorporate window drapes than run high on the wall, down to the floor. This creates the illusion of higher ceiling, hence improving the impression of space in the room.
  2. Renovating to update the room’s design and character – If you need to renovate to update your living room’s design on the other hand, space saving techniques may not necessarily be your top priority. Consult a designer and discuss your personal preferences with him/her. It will also be important that you know the design trends you can incorporate in order to make you makeover as up to date as possible.
  3. Renovating for the best resale value – If you are renovating for the best resale value however, the most important thing you need to make sure is making the house easy for the new homeowners to move in to.  You would not want to incorporate fixtures that will be difficult for the new homeowners to customer. Moreover, you would not want to make the room look as personal as you would have liked if you will not sell it. Make the design as neutral as possible to give the new homeowner room to make it more like their own.

In renovating, as in doing any other project, setting an objective is crucial in minimizing errors and pulling through a successful plan. Hence, before starting an NYC living room remodel, set your objectives right, know what the room needs and get the most efficient living room makeover you could possibly have.

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