Spotting a Bad Contractor

Posted on February 20, 2019

For people out there who are interested in making improvements to their home, be cautious when looking for a contractor. There are plenty of horror stories related to contractors and supposed NYC home remodeling experts ranging from poor workmanship, unforeseen problems leading to higher costs, communication problems, or even a contractor blatantly ripping somebody off and taking of with their money.

Here are some things to look out for when trying to find a contractor to work with:


When meeting with a contractor, be sure to ask about their references or a portfolio of their work. If the contractor is any good, they should have plenty of these to show you. You will get a clear idea of the kind of work he is capable of and you will see for yourself how many people are willing to vouch for his capabilities.


Be sure to get an estimate for the total work from different contractors. If one contractor’s estimate is far cheaper than the others, this should be taken as a warning that the contractor is either bad at recognizing the work that needs to be done, or he plans on adding extra costs as the work progresses.


If a contractor refuses to sign a contract and tries to convince you that it is unnecessary, then this contractor is not worth your time. Any NYC home remodeling expert worth their salt will happily sign a contract. Be sure that the contract states the entire scope of work and the contractor’s obligations.

When looking for a good NYC home remodeling expert, the best thing to do would be to ask your friends if they know any good contractor and their experience with them. One more thing: do not trust anybody who just shows up out of nowhere and states that your home might need new floors, plumbing, or electrical work; be sure to get a second opinion on such things.

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