Stylish Bathroom Design Inspirations You Can Try on Your Next Remodel

Posted on November 27, 2018

Who does not love a fragrant, comfortable and calming bathroom? As with all the other parts of the house, a bathroom’s function should not be limited to what it is typically used for. Aside from its obvious function, it is great if people can actually enjoy being there instead of being disgusted or bored. However, living in an apartment could entail a really limited living space. This means that as with all the other parts of the house, there will be little space left in your bathroom to work around with. This is when remodels become significant. Remodels not only give your bathrooms a whole new look, they also improve its function to make your bathroom experience more pleasant. Hence, if you are planning to do a bathroom remodeling project soon, here are a few design inspirations you can try:

  1. Contemporary – Contemporary designs are all about unique mixture of style and function. This style is supposed to answer to particular needs of modern homeowners. This design inspiration may incorporate out of the ordinary features and considerations, but this style definitely intends to bring in both function and aesthetics to your bathroom. This style incorporates plain colors and clean slates that exemplify the minimalist ideal. As we know, modern people are busy people, and they are always on their feet. Hence, the contemporary style suits people who do not care about much fuss, but instead are looking for serenity and clarity in their apartment. Try bringing in wood and stone elements to provide interesting textures.
  2. Classic Vintage – While some people enjoy the more contemporary and minimalist style in bathrooms, other actually look for the comfort and familiarity of vintage designs. To do this, use white rectangular tiles for the entire space surrounding the tub. Use the same times for the tub platform as well. Paint the rest of the room with white. Use salvaged, but functional tub to bring in that classic appeal.  You could go a bit modern with the toilet, but be sure to replace the flush knob and the faucet with vintage pieces. Bring in vintage wall lights and old-school light switches.
  3. Elegant-Repurpose Styling – Lastly, you can make the most of old fixtures and pieces for your bathroom remodeling project. For this style, you can make use of old glass doors instead of shower curtains; a huge grandma-mirror with elegant framing; and quirky knobs as drawer handles. If you have a small bathroom, paint the walls with white, and place white tiles around the tub to keep it clean-looking. Bring in texture by placing interesting frames on the wall.

People should start reinventing their bathrooms and stop treating it plainly according to its common purpose. It is not just a place for bath and relief anymore. It should be a place in house where people can actually enjoy good functionality and pleasing aesthetics at the same time. There are no limits to how beautiful you can make your bathroom. These design ideas will sure get you started.

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