The Importance of an Efficient Working triangle in your Kitchen

Posted on August 10, 2019

A kitchen is a space where work is done. This can mean anything from cooking to cleaning your dishes. This is why having your kitchen set-up in a way that allows for a full range of motion while going about your daily kitchen chores is very important. If you visit a good kitchen showroom, you will see a number of efficient kitchen layouts that you can apply to your own kitchen.

The kitchen working triangle is known by that name for good reason. This is because there are three important areas in your kitchen that should form a neat triangle when seen from above. These three areas include the food storage area, the cleaning area, and the food preparation or cooking area. Your food storage area should include your fridge and your pantry if you have one. Your cleaning area should include your sink and your dishwashing unit while the food preparation area can include your stove and a kitchen counter. These three areas should be located in close proximity with each other while still giving you room to move around. If you look at the kitchen layouts in a kitchen showroom, you may notice that there is no all-encompassing rule to how these three areas should be arranged. The important thing is that they form a triangle that will allow you easy access to all three areas.

If you are unsure of which layout to choose, then you should spend some time in a good kitchen showroom. Try going about each display area as if they were your own kitchen. You will inevitably find a layout that will feel comfortable and natural to you. Once you find a good layout, then you can now try to implement that layout in your own home.

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