Themes for NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Asian

Posted on January 31, 2019

Bathrooms are great areas to implement Asian themes and décor in. This sort of theme is found in a good number of NYC bathroom remodeling plans and is easy to work with. Finding proper fixtures and decorative accents for this kind of theme is also quite easy as many stores sell accessories and such ideal for this theme.

Designing your bathroom with this kind of theme encourages peace, quiet, and relaxation. The colors associated with this theme are usually earth tones. Avoid strong bright colors like yellow or pink. Materials you should incorporate comprise of wood and natural stone.

This type of theme also encourages simplicity in design to create a harmonious balance. Decorative accents should be placed in key locations around the area like a potted plant with a stone setting.

There are numerous fixtures that are well suited for this theme. You can choose to install a soaking tub that can accommodate two or sliding wooden doors as separators in the bathroom.

The lighting in your bathroom should also be balanced out. The biggest source of light should be a window lined with rice paper shades. The lighting scheme should also be layered. Try to use pendant lights around the vanity and install dimmers on all the lights to achieve some sort of balance in the lighting.

One other thing you can try is, you can try consulting with an expert in feng shui about the proper layout for your bathroom. This should encourage a good flow of energy within your bathroom.

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