Themes for NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Mediterranean

Posted on January 31, 2019

A Mediterranean theme focuses on elegance and simple luxury. It is a great theme to have for bathrooms and its design allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to decorating your bathroom. This style puts emphasis on clean lines paired with strong colors; it is classy and relaxing, many NYC bathroom remodeling plans work with this theme in mind.

To properly pull off this theme, you will have to install mosaic tile designs. This works best when paired with terracotta or stone. The mosaic designs can be placed on the floor or the walls or even be used as a decorative accent.

The primary colors you will be considering are strong bright colors. Colors like, sunset orange, terracotta red, and sunflower yellow are just a few examples of such colors. You can strengthen the colors’ effects by glazing them properly for a unique look and texture.

Another key feature of Mediterranean themes are the abundant usage of arches and curves. Windows are given an alcove or have arched designs upon them. You do not need to go through complete renovation in order to achieve this theme. There are different ways to apply arches or curves in your bathrooms such as purchasing a new mirror or changing the lighting fixtures for more appropriate options.

This sort of theme can really brighten up a bathroom and encourage a relaxing atmosphere. It will also keep your bathroom cool because of all the bright colors.

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