Themes for NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Modern

Posted on January 30, 2019

One of the first things that come to mind when making NYC bathroom remodeling plans is arguably the theme. The theme of your bathroom plays a large role in determining your bathroom’s overall design and atmosphere. There are plenty of different themes to choose from and some people even custom design their own theme. A popular choice today in many bathrooms is the modern theme.

Most people are giving up on traditional bathroom designs and are going for something more contemporary. It is an easy theme to accomplish and it has great effect. It maximizes the space of your bathroom and makes it a much neater area.

The colors involved are usually light or dark shades or even combinations of both. Normally nothing fancy and usually very minimalistic, this is normally accompanied by uniquely designed decorative accents. Modern bathrooms have sleek designs and focus on straight lines.

This sort of theme has a very long lifespan and is likely to be in style for a long time. Depending on how your current bathroom looks, you may not need to undergo complete renovation, as all it may need is a simple makeover.

Finding furniture to match a modern bathroom will be very easy as most stores focus mainly on this theme. Consult an interior designer on these matters as you will want to make sure the fixtures you buy will go with the color scheme of your bathroom. Majority of modern themes are usually made of the following materials: glass, ceramic, cement, and bamboo, just to name a few.

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