Themes for NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Rustic

Posted on January 30, 2019

Those of you looking for a cozy design with a warm welcoming atmosphere should consider a rustic theme in their NYC bathroom remodeling plans. This sort of theme is common in southern areas as well as places that have to deal with snow more often than others.

The typical color scheme of a rustic bathroom is usually comprised of subdued tones of earth brown or tree greens. Homey shades of red and yellow are also quite common and can make the atmosphere even more welcoming.

The decorative accents that best match this theme are usually pots, curtains with simple deigns, wooden bowls, et cetera. When picking out your accents, be sure to match them with your cabinets and towels too. Bronze is an excellent choice for bathrooms like these. Framed photos blend in very easily and makes the area more relaxing.

The best way to make this theme work is to put emphasis on your windows. Make them bigger if you can to allow a lot of natural light inside. Think of rural country windows. Potted flowers would also suit this design.

Materials normally used for this type of design consists of wood and stone as these make the bathroom seem more natural. There are ways to seal wood to make them suitable for bathrooms but it would be best to get bamboo that is made to look like hardwood, as these are very durable and easy to maintain.

Variants of rustic themes could include walls that imitate log cabins, light colored wallpapers, or even natural stone. Depending on the type of look you are going for, this could be either a cheap or expensive theme to pull off.

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