Timeless Small Space Renovation Ideas You Need to Remember If You Are Living in NYC

Posted on December 6, 2018

Living in the city can be fun and exciting for a lot of different reasons. But living in a house in the city can also be challenging. New Yorkers for example as very used to living in cramped up apartments, which they constantly have to remodel to suit their lifestyles and address their everyday needs in terms of home functionality. Because of this, it is almost imperative for New Yorkers to know tricks and strategies on how to make small spaces work. If you are living in NYC, you most likely have the same concern. So if you are thinking of remodeling your small NYC space soon, here are some of the timeless small space solutions that will surely work for your upcoming NYC remodel.

Variations in Levels

Ever wondered why most of your friends opted to remodel their spaces into lofts? This is because changes in floor level in one compact area multiply the functionality a single floor can hold. Having different floor levels allows you to have individual areas without having to put up walls; hence, if you want to have a small reading nook for your small apartment for example, this can be possible by creating a slightly elevated floor area near your living room.


Minimalism is a timeless, guaranteed way how New Yorkers deal with the lack of sufficient floor area in their homes. The principle of minimalism is all about functionality without being bulky and space consuming. This means having all the functionality you need through especially designed furniture and appliances to fit small spaces. Minimalism is also all about simple accents and uncluttered areas.

Transformable Furniture

You might have seen that bed on one of the design magazines that is a bed at night but transforms into an accent wall during the day. This is just one example of transformable furniture. The beauty about these modern creations is that, obviously, they provide functionality when you need it, and provide you with some space when you need it too. This means having all the functionality you need without making your space look cluttered and packed all the time.

When doing an NYC remodel, space is always a crucial consideration. Space however, should never be a hindrance to beautiful renovation ideas. Hence, do not settle the little space and functionality your NYC home provides. Keep these ideas in mind and make your home work better for you.

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