Tips on How to Make an Apartment Remodel More Personal

Posted on November 25, 2018

Apartment remodeling projects are ways to address many different issues in people’s homes. Some do apartment makeovers to address structural and functional problems in the house, while some do one to create a new atmosphere in the house. However, aside from being able to choose the new additions and improvements, how can a home makeover project reflect the individualities of the homeowners? In more specific terms, how do you make it look like it is your house? How do you make your and your family’s character more apparent? Making the place more personal and close to the heart is a crucial part of apartment remodeling. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve this:

  1. Show off some personal trinkets through shadow boxes – Nothing beats a good, old conversation piece that has a lot of history. It is very easy to show your guests your family’s personal side by displaying trinkets on the wall through shadow boxes. These trinkets could be the first things your new born collected along the beach on his or her first out of town vacation, the old keys to your old farm house, or ice cream spoons from a memorable ice cream party in the house. You will do a lot of installations in making over the house, but putting up memorable trinkets will be one of the most memorable things you will ever do.
  2. Display childhood masterpieces like an expensive piece of art – Others would be so happy to display expensive and popular works of art they won from bid or art shows; however for most sentimental homeowner, they prefer things that are closer to their heart like the children’s art works. Choose some of the best and the most interesting among your children’s art works and show it off in great quality frames. If you do not have children yet, you can put up one of your own’s art works too. Or you may ask siblings or other family members to give you some of theirs.
  3.  Display memorabilia from your best vacations or from places that are close to your heart – It may be a map framed on the wall, with markings on the places you visited; or a framed typography art of the maps of your favorite places. Learn about the installation of mounted display racks to have somewhere special to display these. Memorabilia from great vacations are always a good conversation piece; so make sure you find a special place for them in the house this time.

There is nothing like having better-looking and more functional spaces after a home makeover. However sometimes, what makes a remodel more special is how it puts the home closer to our hearts. Keep these tips in mind and make the house look more personal on your next remodel.

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