Tips for a Green Kitchen Renovation: Advice

Posted on January 26, 2019

There are a whole lot of things you will have to take into account when making NYC kitchen remodeling plans. The following will be a short list of things to consider to make your kitchen more energy efficient.

Windows for natural light

If conditions allow it, you should install windows in your kitchen. This will provide a means of clearing out the air in your kitchen while improving the overall design at the same time.

Ceiling fans for ventilation

Ceiling fans encourage a more natural flow of air within your kitchen. They may be used more often than regular exhausts for light cooking activities as it requires much less energy over exhausts and is also much more silent.

Energy efficient exhaust fans

There are several new exhaust fans available with different speeds and low energy settings. These will help lessen the load on your utility bills too.

Work areas near windows

The best kind of lighting you can get for your kitchen would have to be natural sunlight. If your situation allows it, place the busiest part of your kitchen in very near a window.

Energy efficient lighting solutions

Improving the lighting in your kitchen may be the easiest way to make it more energy efficient. It will also make the kitchen a much easier place to work in.

Modern on-demand hot water system

Standard water heaters eat up a lot of energy because it keeps water at a constant temperature at all times. It makes much more sense to purchase a heater which will heat up your water only when you really need it.

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