Tips for a Green Kitchen Renovation: Appliances

Posted on January 25, 2019

Awareness of global warming and climate change has had a big impact on the lifestyle of a lot of people and it definitely shows with the appliances available today. Almost everything that can turn green is. Ignoring those that are greenwashed, appliances that have become much more appealing are normally those found in the kitchen. In the average home, the kitchen takes up the most energy so you stand to gain significantly by switching to energy efficient appliances.

Kitchen appliances

While no kitchen can be considered as totally green as you will always need to use a lot of power for cooking and storing food, you can minimize your consumption to helpful levels.

There are several kinds of energy efficient appliances available today. A lot of refrigerators even seem as if they were competing to see which one can consume less energy while still operating effectively. When buying new appliances, be sure to consider the energy star rating. There are also some dishwashers with features that can save a lot of energy, be sure to ask the salesmen about these.

To lessen your consumption of water in the kitchen, ask your contractor about low flow aerators that can give you more control on the amount of water your faucet uses. Using less water means paying less on water bills.

Buying green appliances is a long term investment that will gradually pay for itself by saving you a lot of money on utility bills.

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