Tips for a Green Kitchen Renovation: Countertops

Posted on January 25, 2019

Green solutions are becoming increasingly popular and are being implemented in many NYC kitchen remodeling plans. It is easy to see why when you take the time to look at the advantages that these alternative solutions offer. Some may be a little expensive to install but the long-term gain far exceeds the momentary inconvenience.

Kitchen counters

When looking for designs or materials for kitchen counters, consider any of the following: recycled glass, bamboo, and overlays. Counters made of recycled glass are rapidly becoming popular in today’s market. They are cheap to install and give out a unique effect. They are available in several designs and colors and can easily become the focal point of your kitchen if you like.

Bamboo is also a very good material to use for counters. Similar to wood, bamboo is durable, and when sealed properly, will last you a very long time. Bamboo can provide classy and elegant designs that will easily blend in with most kitchen designs.

If all your kitchen counter needs is a new look then than overlay would be the ideal solution. There are several companies that focus on making materials designed to be installed on top of kitchen counters. These will make your counters seem like new again. Your original counter will still be there except with a custom made slab right on top of installed with a particular adhesive. Another advantage of choosing an overlay is that it will not take much work and can be installed in a day’s time.

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