Tips on How to Involve the Kids in Your Home Renovation Project

Posted on December 8, 2018

When doing an apartment renovation as a parent with young kids, it is very easy and actually instinctive for most people to put the kids in a separate room while the renovation is going on. This makes sense as who would want to have all the clutter, noise and chocolate smudges while having a busy renovation work, right? While they may feel a bit left out in the actual renovation work, you could at least make them feel involved in the conceptualization of home design. Your house is your kids’ house too. You should at least make them feel like they also own it. You would not have to make your house look like Disneyland, but you can at least follow these simple tips on how to make your kids feel more at home in your newly renovated apartment.

  1. Create corners for play – The most obvious sign of child’s presence in a house will be toys. So this will also be the easiest way your kids will feel like they belong they. You can simply add that corner in the living room with a basket of toys, some bean bags and a small wooden horse if your space allows. Your kids would love to play anywhere, but try to add a play corner to that part of the house where you can spend time as a family.
  2. Welcome some sense of humor –Being funny and loving everything that is some are very natural among children. As adults, we tend to lean more on the serious big girls and boys stuff; but since you have children around, do not forget to inject some humorous treatments to your apartment renovation. You may put up some funny Dr. Seuss posters in their bedroom, have an accent wall with a silly wallpaper design, or decorate the kitchen with some framed funny quotes about food. A good laugh will sure make anyone feel younger; but for the kids, having a home filled with laughter is a treasure to behold.
  3. Bring in furniture especially made for kids – Sure they love sitting on daddy’s chair, and love tinkering with mom’s station in the kitchen; but your kids will definitely love it if they see things that are especially designed for them. You could bring in some armchairs that look like replicas of real, big ones and arrange with the rest of your living room furniture. While they will sure enjoy sitting on mommy and daddy’s lap while watching TV, having these things made for them will give them a sense of entitlement: they own that small chair in the family room, they own this house!

Having kids around during a renovation can sure be stressful; however, in as much as you want your home to be designed according to your tastes and preferences, your kids also want to feel like part of that home too. So the next time you remodel, you could keep them somewhere far from the construction, but at least make them know that you are designing a house that they will love and enjoy.

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