Tips for a Successful NYC Renovation Project from Contractors’ Standpoint

Posted on August 29, 2019

When building a house or doing a renovation, homeowners usually have to learn the ins and outs of the constructions process, to ensure that everything is done well and that their house will turn out good. However sometimes, perhaps due to the lack of expertise, we inevitably miss some things out. Renovations are a technical matter to tackle for a homeowner who is remodeling for the first time. Remodeling in New York City could become even more difficult considering cost issues and space limitations. When faced with these issues, a contractor’s expert advice will do a great deal of help. Hence, if planning on an NYC remodel, here are a few things expert contractors would like you to know on how to make it a successful one:

  1. A slow decision-making pace will not help you – You may argue that you are only trying to think things through as carefully as you can, but on a contractor’s perspective that will not work. You cannot delay decisions even on small things, as this could blow up into bigger causes of delay. When doing an NYC remodel, you need to remember that delays can cause you additional expenses; and considering the costs of labor in NYC, you will really need to think quickly.
  2. Get an expert designer/decorator’s opinion about your personal touches – While it is understandable that we all want our house to reflect our personalities and preferences, it is always best to seek expert opinion first before incorporating our ideas into the process. All remodeling projects need plans made by expert designers and decorators. Be sure to have all these plans finalized before you start to remodel.
  3. Do not use the space while it is being remodeled – This just like saying, do not live in the house while it is being renovated. From a contractor’s perspective, living in the area is equivalent to being a distraction and obstruction – no matter how harsh that sounds. You need to understand that renovators cannot finish the job properly with you going around the house living as if there are no constructions going on. Allow the renovators to focus on their job so they can give you a good home to come home to – when it is done.
  4. Never work without contingency – When doing a remodeling project in NYC, this applies best to funding. It is never safe to do a renovation without a contingency fund. Knowing NYC rates, it may hurt to get surprised by how expensive the materials turned out to be. This is a common issue contractors like reminding homeowners about. It is almost impossible to set a realistic budget for a renovation. There will always be adjustments; and if the remodel turns out to be more expensive than you thought, it is always best to have safety net.

Doing an NYC remodeling project is never an easy feat in terms of budgeting and organizing the entire process itself. It always pays to have an expert insight like this especially when you are remodeling your house for the first time. Bottom line is that, in whatever you do, never start without a plan. Listen to expert opinion and always prepare for contingencies.

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