Tips and Tricks for a Cost-Efficient Apartment Renovation in New York City

Posted on August 28, 2019

When trying to pull through an apartment renovation, the general stance of every homeowner is to try to make things as cost-efficient as possible. That, in as much as we all can, we will always try to get the best for less, right? When renovating an apartment in New York City however, this can become a more challenging endeavor considering the higher values of properties and higher costs of materials and professional services in the area. The good thing is, experts have devised ways on how homeowners can maximize wiser options in order to come up with less expensive solutions for their apartment renovations in NYC. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can ace that NYC renovation for less money:

  1. Go for dual and multi-purpose fixtures – When talking about renovations in NYC, we are most likely talking about small, compact spaces. For this reason, being cost-efficient in renovation would mean going from a furniture with dedicated functionality to another with dual or multi-purpose features. For example, you may remodel your child’s bed into a storage bed where the storage also functions as the stage of the mattress. You may also want to place a day bed in the sun room, which doubles as storage trunk too. Get creative and research for more fun ideas!
  2. Go for light colors – Expert designers will tell you that the trick to making a room look instantly bigger is to make it look brighter and lighter. Work with your wall paints and lighting fixtures. Go for a wall that will reflect some light through other parts of the house while creating the illusion of space through better lighting. A lighter paint will also make the environment warmer and more welcoming – a good choice for a homey feel.
  3. Modify your flooring In order to maximize the spacious illusion created by the walls, complement it with a lighter flooring color. If you are into wooden floors, choose light-colored wood that will not only make the room more stylish, but will also create the illusion that you have more space. Instead of buying new furniture, might as well maximize the spacious illusion you can have through more practical adjustments such as wall paint and floor materials.
  4. Get creative with the smaller trinkets – Never underestimate the effect of cabinet handles and doorknobs. Regardless how meager your wall or cabinet is, one you get the trick of incorporating creative accents like cabinet handles and knobs, you will get an instant room facelift at a very minimal cost.

Living in NYC is costly on its own. However, when faced with the need or urge to remodel, do not get easily intimated. Sometimes, the only solution to financial constraints, especially when it comes to home renovations, is creativity. Be creative. Know what other resources you have and maximize the function or more practical options. Squeeze out those creative juiced and be as resourceful as you can, as this is the same trick that enables designers to make the most sophisticated outputs from the simplest of options.

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