Tips in How to Make a White, Minimalistic Apartment Work

Posted on December 6, 2018

White is always a sophisticated and modern choice of color for home interiors. Painting the walls white, and having a consistent white and neutral theme in your choice of furnishing creates an instant tranquil, clean and peaceful vibe to the home. White is also a popular option among homeowners with rather small living spaces because of its minimalist property. However, despite being a popular interior color option nowadays, it s not always easy to work with all-white homes. It can either turn out slick and stylish, or dull and monotonous. So, if you are going to have an apartment remodel and is thinking of giving yourself a white, clean and peaceful home, here are some tips on how you can work around with other colors, elements and accents:

  1.  Now is a great chance to bring in interesting wall arts – Having an all-white home means practically making your house like a blank canvas. You could either enjoy it in its simplicity, or you could paint it up with some interesting art pieces that will make it more pleasing to the eye. An all-white home surely is easy to the eye. But while we all enjoy that sense of tranquility from the white and neutral tone, it can nonetheless be exciting to bring in interesting pieces like wall arts. These pieces will help break the monotony, because let us admit it; we will always need colors and accents that will excite our life.
  2. Paint your furniture an interesting color – Another way of creating colorful accents against an all-white backdrop is by painting your furniture an interesting color. For a bedroom for example, given the sheets, the drapes, the ceiling and the walls are all white, paint your side tables with blue tones to add in some of that tranquil sense you find with light tones as well. Bring in a rug that has similar blue hues as well to complete the effect.
  3. Paint your ceiling an different color – Another trick to making an all-white home more interesting is by putting colors up in the ceiling. This is actually an interesting trick no matter what the color of your interior is. But for an all-white apartment, this will be stunning. Try the color yellow for an instant sunshine effect; or red for a more serious and mature feel.

White will always be a safe and practical color option when doing a minimalistic apartment remodel. However, even a safe color as white needs extra care when being played around with other colors and treatments. These tips will allow you to enjoy the peacefulness and clarity of an all-white interior while keeping your home as exciting and interesting as it could be.

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