Top Five Countertops for a Rustic Traditional Kitchen

Posted on August 31, 2019

Traditional kitchens have a timeless appeal that resonates throughout the ages. A quick visit to a nearby kitchen showroom will show you that many people still favor the traditional look. While modern kitchens might seem appealing, some people still prefer a traditional look. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, going for a traditional look might be your thing. While there are many elements needed to achieve a traditional look for your kitchen, your countertops can serve as a good focal point to tie in the entire look of your kitchen. Here are the top 5 countertop materials you can use to achieve a rustic looking kitchen.


Tile is one of the most inexpensive materials you can use for countertops. In addition to this, they come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. You can easily find rustic looking tiles that will suit a traditional kitchen. They can be used for countertops as well as kitchen backsplashes.


What better way to bring a rustic look to your kitchen than using wood countertops? Aside from being decorative elements, these countertops can also serve a functional purpose. Thick and treated wood counters can be used as surface for chopping and food preparation. These countertops are also treated to handle high temperatures so you can place hot pans and pots on top of them without worrying about the finish.

Recycled Materials

For the environmentally savvy, recycled countertops are the perfect choice. They are both affordable and durable. Don’t let the fact that these counters are made out of recycled materials fool you, these counters can add a touch of beauty to any kitchen. These are often made of recycled materials such as plastic, glass, paper and concrete.


Marble countertops can easily add a touch of old world elegance to any kitchen. While more expensive compared to other options, the natural swirls and veins in high quality marble give an appearance of luxury and class.


Travertine countertops are hard to beat when it comes to sheer wow factor. These lookers can serve as the focal point in any traditional kitchen. However, keep in mind that travertine has a porous surface so it has to be sealed and treated to keep things sanitary and hygienic.

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