Towel Warmers for Your NYC Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on March 8, 2019

When people make NYC bathroom remodeling plans, they do it either out of necessity or out of desire. For the latter, you are likely looking for all sorts of handy and efficient additions to make your bathroom the relaxing getaway you could treat yourself with. To end your baths and showers nicely, try adding towel warmers in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans.

A towel warmer will gently heat your towels so that they feel more welcoming and more comfortable on your body after bathing. Everybody enjoys a toasty and fluffy towel.

You won’t have to worry about it being excessive as modern towel warmers are more energy efficient and are actually good for protecting your towels against mildew. They can either be plugged into a socket or be installed directly within the walls. They normally come with a timer, and a remote for temperature.

There two kinds of towel warmers available. One is like a radiator and is know as a hydronic unit. This uses heated water to keep your towels at your preferred temperature. The other kind is an electrical heater.

Towel warmers also come in different designs so you are sure to find one that will complement the overall design of your bathroom. When installing a towel warmer, it would also be a good idea to make sure that the ventilation in your bathroom is good so as to get a good atmosphere and temperature within your bathroom. Stepping out of a relaxing shower onto a cold bathroom may dampen your mood.

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