New Trends in New York Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Posted on October 27, 2019

Trends in the field of New York kitchen and bath remodeling have passed through all kinds of different stages. They see remarkable changes every few years, some timeless, others passing fancies. Learn about what is popular in New York homes now to help you get a beautiful and functional new kitchen.


Not too long ago, most cabinets were painted in a dark chocolate color. This has made way for a warmer, lighter wheat color. Majority of New York kitchen and bath remodeling are utilizing colors of gray rather than black and light shades of cream are also making comeback to form contrasting matches.


Granite has always been a classic favorite and is back in style once again along with assorted sold stone surfaces. Providing a natural look, stone surfaces have unique features such as burnished, and polished finishes.

Glass surfaces have also emerged in several homes. These surfaces encourage an atmosphere of luxury and elegance. People nowadays tend to choose surfaces that are layered and pair them along with flat colors or dazzling finishes – the objective is to create a one-tone scheme.


Silver is finding itself in more homes to date. It has long been preferred over gold and is favored for its smooth, elegant feel. Silver is available in a wide array of finishes such as hammered and antique. Also rising in popularity are lighter color variations of bronze to give out a rustic chic look.


There are numerous different themes popular within New York today. These themes are popular today as most of them have a timeless feel to them and are likely to be up to date for many years to come. Examples of such themes would be modern, Mediterranean, and the traditional cottage style.

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