Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Retreat

Posted on May 18, 2019

It is not uncommon to focus your budget on remodeling the most private parts of your home such as the bathroom or the bedroom rather than the more public areas like the kitchen or living room. There are many people who have very detailed NYC bathroom remodeling plans as the bathroom is now where most people spend a lot of their time unwinding from a stressful day at the office. The bathroom is also where everybody’s day begins so it just makes sense to make it a nice and comfortable room.

To transform your regular variety bathroom into a relaxing getaway room, you will need more than just a few luxury fixtures. You will need to take care of all sorts of little things all around the bathroom to truly make an ideal peaceful atmosphere.


You must pay a lot of attention to lighting when making NYC bathroom remodeling plans. Lighting can set the mood for your bathroom and you will also want to have enough lighting in key areas like the mirror. For soft lighting, you can try frosted bulbs, which retain much of the brightness but are less intense.

Steam showers and tubs

Nothing could be more luxurious than including a steam shower in your NYC bathroom remodeling. There are several models of steam showers that come with nice features like an outlet for music players and voice controlled massage jets just to name a few.

When picking out a tub, you may be interested in a whirlpool tub for an extra-relaxing soak. You will need a lot of time to find the right tub as there are so many different models and designs to choose from.

Heated flooring

This is becoming quite popular and is seen in many NYC bathroom remodeling plans. These will encourage a feeling of coziness to permeate in your bathroom. You won’t have to worry about that cold feeling shooting through your leg and up your spine anymore.

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