Underrated Kitchen Items

Posted on February 20, 2019

When making NYC kitchen remodeling plans most people have a good notion of what materials to use and what products to buy. More often than not, people choose granite for their counters, marble or ceramic for their backsplash, stainless steel for sinks, et cetera.

While something like stainless steel does have a timeless appeal, it still may be worth your time to consider other options. There are various different materials and products to choose from which could lead you to your ideal kitchen.

Here are a few examples of underrated gems you should consider for your kitchen.


Corian is good choice for kitchen countertops. It adds a certain kind of warmth to the kitchen’s atmosphere and it is also easy to maintain. Scratches are easily removed and, unlike marble, it isn’t porous and resists stain.

Crock pots

The crock-pot, or the slow cooker, is seen by most people as an outdated appliance that is inferior to more modern options. But there are several advantages that should not be overlooked, especially for particularly busy people. It can be used for even the toughest slabs of meat and will keep the flavor in by sealing the moisture. It works as a food warmer and you can even set it to prepare meals while you are away so that there will be food ready for when you get home.


Most people wouldn’t even consider putting mats in their kitchens. But it might be relevant to your interests to invest in non-slip mats in order to avoid accidents in the kitchen. These are available in many designs and many of them are easy to clean.


Vinyl is a good alternative for both flooring materials and wall materials. Coming in many designs and being easy to install has made it a choice material for many people.

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