Understanding Kitchen Color Schemes

Posted on December 4, 2018

These days, people use almost any color imaginable in their kitchens. However, just as tides ebb and flow, trends in kitchen color also change with the times. If you are interested in kitchen remodeling, then you may have a lot to gain by understanding how kitchen colors have changed and evolved over the years. Kitchen colors are closely related to the development of kitchen appliances. These appliances came in a number of different colors but they have reflected ongoing trends in how people perceived the use of color in a functional room such as a kitchen.

Back in the day, kitchens were very simple affairs consisting of a stove and a few furnishings. However, radical changes came about when the use of electricity became widespread. Because of electricity, people could now have machines in their kitchen that could do anything from making toast to mincing food with a push of the button. When they first came out, kitchen appliances often came in simple shades of white. As they became more common in many homes however, this quickly changed.

When the 50s arrived, kitchen appliances finally started to sport a wide variety of colors. Popular color choices include yellows, blues, reds, browns, and greens. Due to the influx of new colors, people also started to play around with new color combinations for kitchen remodeling.

In the few decades, some colors would go out of fashion while new ones like coppertone and avocado green would come to the forefront. However, older color palettes such as yellow and turquoise were still as popular as ever.

After the 90s came around, modern and industrial color choices such as silver and other metallic colors have enjoyed an increase in popularity. This has also been reflected in the fact that these days, people often use metallic elements such as chrome and stainless steel for kitchen remodeling. Colors and trends come and go. However, classic colors such as white, silver, black, and turquoise have stood the test of time. If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen in the near future, you should consider these colors as well.

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