Using Urethane Grout in NYC Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on March 15, 2019

Using premixed urethane grout for NYC bathroom remodeling projects is catching on with many people. This new product is a handy way to apply grout for your bathroom. By using this grout, you will not have to worry about getting the mixture just right as with traditional grout. With premixed urethane grout, all you have to do is stir it when you open the bucket and you are good to go.

Not only is premixed urethane grout easier to use, it is also stronger and can resist stains. With regular grout, if you get the mixture wrong by adding either too little or too much water, you risk making the grout weaker and more prone to discoloring or chipping. But urethane grout is not without its share of problems. The following will be a few things to look out for when using urethane grout in your NYC bathroom remodeling project.

Loose tiles

Tiles coming loose are usually because of them not sticking well on the substrate. In order to check if a tile is secure, take something like a table knife and tap on the tile. Listen if it makes a solid or hollow sound.


Grout can sometimes shrivel and this will lead to a space being created between the tile and the grout. This can cause moisture to dig into the substrate.

A common problem with inexperienced renovators is that they do not allot enough time for the grout to set properly. Also, make sure that the tile sets at room temperature; that is also important. To ensure that your grout sets properly, simply follow the instructions that it comes with without deviating in the least.

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