Using Your Vanity as the Focal Point of your Bathroom

Posted on October 24, 2019

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, people often focus on the obvious things such as the shower area or the bathroom tiles. Things like your bathroom vanity often take a back seat . However, your vanity is also a very visible element in your bathroom. For this reason alone, it can serve as a good focal point that can tie together the total look for your entire bathroom. This can be a good strategy since the vanity is often the first thing you see once you enter your bathroom. This is true for most of the common types of bathroom layouts.

Your bathroom vanity consists of a few key items. This often includes your bathroom mirror, a counter, the base, your sink, and the taps. It also serves a number of purposes. For men, this is often where they shave. For women, this is a place to apply makeup. This is also where you brush your teeth or wash your face. Aside from this, a bathroom vanity can also serve as a storage area for grooming supplies, extra toilet paper rolls, and towels. As with most cases, form should always follow function but once you’ve got the functional part of the design down, it’s time to have fun with the creative design options for your bathroom remodeling project.

The Bathroom Mirror

You bathroom mirror may serve a number of important purposes in your bathroom but as a design element, your bathroom mirror can provide you with unique opportunities to add class and sophistication to your bathroom. Mirrors can often give the illusion of space. With this in mind, using a large bathroom mirror can make any bathroom look bigger. To add texture and flair, you can also use an ornate frame with your bathroom mirror. If you don’t want to use a frame, a good alternative is to use a mirror with etched designs at the edges.

The Counter/ Sink Area

Just like in your kitchen. Your sink area is a visible element that can define the style of your bathroom. For a more opulent look, use marble or granite counters in your vanity. If you don’t fancy a countertop or you simply don’t have enough space, pick out a pedestal sink that makes a statement. While wall mounted sinks are okay, they may look drab or boring so a pedestal sink with an interesting base is the way to go.

If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project some time in the near future, considering making your vanity into the focal point of your bathroom.

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