Wall-Mounted Toilets

Posted on January 17, 2019

Wall-mounted toilets are becoming common additions in NYC bathroom remodeling plans. More people are adding them to their bathroom because of their efficiency and style. When designing your new bathroom, be sure to prioritize the overall design and atmosphere of your bathroom; you should make it as comfortable as it can be because the bathroom is where you start and sometimes finish your day.

A wall-mounted toilet is most commonly found in small bathrooms as it can save a lot of space without sacrificing functionality. Half the toilet is hidden behind the wall which frees up a lot of space. This gives you several design options previously unavailable to you because of the constraints of space.

The wall-mounted toilet is also the toilet of choice for people living with elderly members of the family. The height can be adjusted and assistance bars are easily installed alongside it to make it more accessible and easier to use.

Just like regular toilets, wall-mounted toilets come in countless different designs and colors so you won’t have to worry about being able to match it with any sort of theme. They are also designed to support over 700 lbs so you will never have to worry about it collapsing.

Most wall-mounted toilets also come with a dual-flush feature which can save you a lot of money as it allows you prevent excessive usage of water whenever you flush.

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