What Poor Ventilation can do?

Posted on March 13, 2019

Our bathroom should be a place where we can rest and have our “me” time. It should not be a place where we just pass by for few minutes and use it as fast as we can. Truth is, the latter is usually happening. Instead of being a serene place to conduct our daily body cleaning rituals, it is regarded as a place where we spend only few minutes of our time. And since we do not want to spend more time inside, a number of us actually build an additional room where we do the things that were always meant to be done inside our bathroom.

One reason for this could be poor ventilation. Have you tried assessing the condition of your bathroom’s ventilation? Does it give you freedom to breath? Is the air you pleasant? Do you feel drowsy or irritated inside resulting in you using the bathroom for few minutes only?

If all your answers to the above questions are “yes,” it’s time to consider bathroom remodeling with a strong focus on ventilation. First important thing you need to consider when making bathroom remodeling plans is not how beautiful it’ll look like after. Proper ventilation must be one of your top priorities; especially if your bathroom has a tub, or a sauna, or a spa. Proper ventilation encourages a relaxing mood. If you can’t relax in the bathroom because of the surrounding air then other fixtures you put inside will be wasted.

Another reason why proper ventilation is needed in bathroom remodeling is to avoid bacteria and pests. These things thrive in a humid environment. If there is not enough good air to breath, then expect them to be one of the inhabitants of your bathroom which eventually cause diseases to spread.

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