Why Natural Countertops are so Popular

Posted on October 12, 2019

While there are now numerous options when it comes to countertop materials, natural materials are still in high demand. This is due to the fact that even though materials such as plastic and vinyl are a lot cheaper, naturals materials such as wood, stone, and other minerals are still more elegant to look at. If you compare synthetic and natural countertops in a good kitchen showroom, you will see that natural materials are superior in terms of wow factor and aesthetics. In addition to this, they are often more durable and environment friendly.

For the past few decades, tiles have probably been the most popular type of material for countertops. In recent years however, homeowners are becoming more demanding. This is one of the reasons why natural countertops are becoming more and more popular. People do not want to settle for drab and sterile looking countertops and they often long for the organic look that natural countertops are famous for. The subtle differences in coloration in granite, the winding veins found on marble slabs and the beautiful grains found in wooden counters far outstrip the looks found on most artificial materials.

Among natural stone materials for countertops, granite is often the most popular. However, other materials such as marble, quartz, soapstone, and limestone are also gaining ground. A common problem found in older stone counters is that small pores in the material were considered unhygienic and prone to bacterial growth. However, new advances in sealants and countertop treatments have solved this problem. If you check out a limestone counter in a good kitchen showroom, you will see that the material is smooth and free of pores or holes where bacteria can grow.

Another good alternative is to use wooden countertops. As with porous stone countertops, wooden counters can now be treated to prevent bacterial growth as well as to withstand moisture. If you want more ideas about natural kitchen counters, visit a good kitchen showroom today.

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