Why You Should Seriously Consider Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on February 13, 2019

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider remodeling your bathroom. But for many people, there are even more reasons not to; they rationalize their decisions by saying things like “I just need it to shower or use the toilet” or “I barely spend any time in there, why should I go through the trouble and cost of bathroom remodeling?”

Let me tell you why; first of all, let us take the reasons why you don’t want to go through bathroom remodeling – 1) you barely spend time in there, and 2) why go to the trouble? Let me ask you this:  Why do you spend so little time in the bathroom; well, why do you spend so little time anywhere — Because you find the place uncomfortable. If your bathroom was more comfortable, maybe you’d actually take the time to appreciate the space more and feel more at ease, allowing yourself to relax and be at peace with your thoughts. And for the second reason, because any room you have to use every day should be nice and keep you in a good mood. You go to the bathroom all the time you might as well enjoy the place too.

Have you ever noticed how you have your best ideas or your most creative solutions and inspirations while you are in the bathroom? Why do solutions come easier in there rather than at your work desk when you are actively looking for answers? Here’s why, because our brains work better when we are relaxed and when we let our thoughts wander. This is exactly what all of us do while we are in the bathroom. It is the one area of your home where you are absolutely guaranteed to be by yourself, in complete privacy with no one but your thoughts to keep you company. In the bathroom, you feel no pressure.

So why should you seriously consider bathroom remodeling? Because — why would you want to rush when you use the most private room in your home where you get all your best ideas in, the same place you use at the beginning and end of your day? Take the time to relax; it’s what the bathroom is for.

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