Working with Bathroom Lights on a Budget

Posted on September 25, 2019

For an average bathroom remodeling project, people often splurge on things like wall treatments, fixtures, sinks, and vanities. However, have you given enough thought to bathroom lighting? Do not underestimate the value of bathroom lighting. The lighting scheme you choose can make or break your renovation project. Even if you have picked out the perfect wall treatments and fixtures, a bad lighting job can easily ruin the entire look that you have worked so hard to achieve. The average homeowner will probably be working with budget constraints. With enough planning however, lighting your bathroom shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. It is all about making the right choices and keeping expenses within your budget.

People think that because they are working with tight budgets, they have to compromise on a few things such as quality and aesthetics. However, this may not be the case when it comes to picking out lighting options for your bathroom remodeling project. In fact, you don’t even have to punch new holes to accommodate new lighting fixtures if you are working with a very limited budget. You can simply replace your old lighting fixtures with new ones to update the look of your bathroom. If you have some extra cash leftover from the other modifications you have made, you can add bot flair and drama to your bathroom with a few accent lighting fixtures and maybe a few wall mounted lights here and there.

If you want to make drastic changes to your bathroom lighting scheme, there are a few cost effective methods of doing this. For example, you can add a chandelier in the center of your bathroom. While most people think of the large chandeliers used in ballrooms when the word “chandelier” pops up in a conversation, you can easily use a smaller, more proportionately sized chandelier in your bathroom. In addition to this, these small chandeliers are very affordable and in terms of getting the most out of your money, these lighting fixtures can have a profound effect on your bathroom without straining your wallet. Rest assured that spending a few extra dollars on proper lighting in your next bathroom remodeling project will help you achieve a finished and polished look for your bathroom.

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