New York Bathroom Remodeling For Your Kids

Posted on October 17, 2019

Your child’s bathroom should be tailored to fit your children’s needs so must be shaped in a different manner. It must enforce independence while still being a safe and comfortable place for your kids. Children, like adults, normally begin and end their day in this room so it is important to mold it to their preference.

New York bathroom remodeling for kids focuses on making the facilities easier for smaller people to handle and, ideally, should be able to grow alongside them. Remodeling your bathroom to accommodate babies and toddlers, however, are quite a different thing. Here are a few tips on what to handle when remodeling your bathroom to work better with a baby in the house.

  • An additional deadbolt placed on a high position on the door to keep toddlers from entering the bathroom unsupervised.
  • Safety covers for faucet taps which prevent smaller hands from operating them.
  • Child proof locks on toilet lids.
  • Specialized bath support for very young babies so as to bathe them while still having free use of both hands.
  • Most importantly, locks on medicine cabinets and cupboards within the bathroom to prevent children from accessing their contents.

New York bathroom remodeling with kids in mind, as aforementioned, encourage independence and self-sufficiency to make your children recognize the bathroom as their own private space. Designing it in a way that makes everything accessible to them will make it less likely for them to ask for your help in the bathroom. A good idea would to help them recognize their bathroom as truly their own area is to incorporate their own taste into the design. Placing their favorite cartoon character on the shower curtains or coloring in a manner which suits their taste over yours will help them feel more comfortable.

A few examples of what to change to better accommodate their needs would be lowering the toilet bowl; lowering the sink; and lowering all the fixtures. This option may be a bit pricey though as it will need to be replaced as they grow. For those who are looking for more permanent changes, simply focus on installing non-slip step stools in strategic locations in the bathroom. A good choice would be to install a wall mounted sink as their positions can easily be adjusted as kids grow.

The biggest safety concern within all bathrooms is slipping. For children, the likelihood of slipping within the bathroom is much higher than it is for adults. Installing non-slip flooring materials or simply affixing non-slip mats along with support bars strategically placed on the walls will drastically lower the accident rate within bathrooms.

New York bathroom remodeling for kids also entails reducing the number of sharp corners within a bathroom. There are several stores which sell padding for corners which come in different designs. Another innovative addition to your bathroom would be motion-sensor devices which activate the lights whenever somebody enters the bathroom.

One common concern all parents have for their children’s room would be the orderliness. The bathroom is no exception so placing several storage options within the bathroom would be very useful. There are several ways to go about this and you don’t have to sacrifice your bathrooms style and visual appeal to accommodate your kids’ messy lifestyle.

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